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Weapon Balance

Hello everyone! This discussion is for you to talk about balance between weapons and weapon placements. Leave suggestions on how to fix the awful hagar, and just tell us if you want a buff to the crylink! :3


  • Maybe I should replace the hagar with a second, more buffed, crylink... a "Super Crylink" if you will.

    Beta 5: Crylink = Death Star 2.0
  • On a side note, we really should do something about the Hagar and HLAC.
  • Yes, hagar and crylink should change. 

    How about some proximity mines in lieu of both of these?  Delay of 10 seconds so you can move away... then, let them fade out after x seconds.  Change color as they dissipate away.   Use rocket launcher ammo to place the mine.

    I'd like to see the laser get more credit..... how about giving more damage to being hit by a laser in succession?  A basic hit is 10.... a second hit is 10, but if you do the hit within 2 secs of the first, then you get 15, and so on.  Hell, sometimes I do 5 hits and still do not get a kill.

  • Actually the Hagar is alot better now, thanks to CUdyin's upgraded the random number regenerate. The crylink still does not feel right, as Nuparu will attest.

    I'd like to have proximity and remote mines at some point. Vecxis already has model for them. It was added to the game along with a few other assets we pulled in from RocketMinsta. I think RM got it from Xonotic, but I don't know for sure. What that means is the mines only need sound and code! I'll probably add sound(s) tonight or tomorrow for the mines. :)
  • Cool.  Let me know when we can try em out!
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      Hi guys. So I have some suggestions for this game since it's somewhat lack of balance.

      As my experience, limit weapon used would be a very nice idea, since one player can currently get full advantage from all weapon owned on a new spawn player. If I consider a player using a single rocket launcher, it still equal to against a player with machine gun but the situation always change if one own more force deal weapon type than the other (like nex + rocket + laser gun combo). So, if a player can own 1 default weapon and 1 extra pick up, there would be more use of other weapon. Of course, server should be able to control their maximum weapon used but I recommend max of 2-3. It should also makes a good use of drop weapon, cause it the most useless button I played in vanilla LOL.

      Other thing to deal with is some weapon is clearly stronger than other: shotgun><HLAC, machine gun><rifle, hagar><mortal. One part is their difference of ammo usage, a part other is the accuracy. For ammo usage, a stronger weapon may require more than one ammo type. e.g. Nex may require 5 cell and 5 bullet ammo, Rifle may require 5 bullet and and 1 shell ammo,... For the accuracy, I have no comment :D

      One extra thing is why this game have no close range weapon? I mean something like knife, cause laser gun seem to get far effective on its high force and low damage, it gives a player high mobility but then using map strafing become much less important :/ So if there is a close range weapon on this game, it should has high damage deal with no force + long arc cover at least 180º in front of user and I suggest it to be a boomerang :D It is just for the fact of balancing between movement and weapon used, u can ignore this if u super lazy with the laser jump.

      They are all my opinion, but major part I found from other game. It's just because most of developer make their fps games balance in that way so I'm not sure if it can make any change in this Quake type :(
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    I'll start with the melee and close range weapons first. As for now, the crylink is the most-melee weapon in the game, it can do even more damage than either the nex or rocket at close range. It also has a quick refire time. In small and close-quarters areas the Electro is a very good weapon too because of its ability to flood a room with plasma. Stronger weapons (including the nex and rocket) are far less effective in these situations, opening the arena for the other weapons.

    On to the limiting of weapons. This will not happen because it would totally change the existing game play. "Map control" is a time tested and important aspect of arena shooters, and one we don't want to mess with. =p

    Finally, multi-ammo weapons are an idea we REALLY wanted to explore, and probably will down the road in a future game. We can't add those types of weapons in to Vecxis at the moment because we would need at least two, but probably 3 or 4, more full-time developers to handle that work load. Vecxis is mostly complete, and would require too many changes to add those weapons. Maybe next time! :D
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    Hey all, we're testing out a new fire mode on the Electro. Its available for testing on the Vecxis Prime DM Server. This third fire mode is mapped to the reload button. It will fire 3 plasma-balls backwards over your shoulder, thereby increasing the defensive capabilities of the weapon. We are also exploring a new zap/stun effect for when the plasma comes into contact with players.

    While I'm experimenting with these things, does anyone else have an idea for adding third fire mode to a weapon? If there are a few good ideas, I'll try adding a proper tertiary-fire mode so we don't have to use a weapon's reload function.

    As a note, I don't think third fire modes will enabled by default. They will likely remain as server opt-in feature.

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