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Announcing Vecxis Beta 4!

edited December 2014 in News
The fourth Vecxis Beta is now out. We have new maps and clan arena! The Micro version is also UNDER 300mb! Download here:

Changes include:
  • A new map, Kollideoscope
  • Many small improvements to existing maps.
  • New textures and models for use by mappers.
  • Secondary fire modes for the Nex and Laser are now
    client side hooks. This means their actual functions can be controled by
    the player by using (+/-)cl_hook_WEAPONNAME
  • Many awards and and all kill-streaks are now announced PUBLICLY by default.
  • More assets from RocketMinsta, to help reduce the size of rm's pk3 downloads.
  • "electrobitch" returns!
  • MiniVecxis is renamed Vecxis-Micro, and is now under 300mb.
  • Vecxis-Micro lightmaps are slightly reduced in quality to save ~120MB
  • All sounds in Vecxis-Micro have been converted to .ogg format and down-mixed to mono. This saves ~100MB
Mega Version (1.5 GB):
Micro Version (Low Quality sound and textures, 300MB):

Torrents: Dedicated Server Only Version (80MB):
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    Hi everyone, I've put together a new test version of Vecxis, Beta4.2. If there are no major complaints compared to Beta4, I'll have it be the main download version on the site.

    The new version can be found here:

    *Yes I know http:// .ftp is strange, but that's how it is :)
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  • Hey,  I downloaded the file  Windows 7 and installed it.  A couple of days later, my Norton Antivirus removed the file indicating a virus  WS.Reputaion.1   ??

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    I'm on Linux, not Windown, so I don't have an antivirus. From what I remember Norton was a pain-in-the-behind. It seems this is a somewhat common problem with Norton finding false positives in Open Source software.

    My guess is Nortan thinks Vecxis has a virus because not many people are using it:. This link descries a similar problem with Nortan "WS.Reputaion.1" pwning helpless FireFox nightly builds:

    This link might help you restore Vecxis:

    Thank you for informing me of this. If you have any more/other issues, please bring them to my attention. I will do my best to help.
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