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Minor Map Mods?

I'd suggest that the standard maps be modified to ad a Vecxis touch.  Nothing major.....  i.e.  Soylent-v.... the name indicates a V mod. 

Maybe a couple of new landing places away from the main play area... OK, a perfect camping ground!  lol  Just do this on the popular maps.

The point is that it would be slightly different than Nexuiz.


  • There are a few maps that have received some *very* small cosmetic  improvements, over the Nexuiz versions. Small enough to have gone unnoticed so far.

    Having said that I'm open to the idea of special map versions for Vecxis. I think (read: subject to change) what we would do is keep the old maps as a "classic" map. For example soylent would become soylent-classic and the newer version would be called soylent.

    I think this is something we all should think about for a little while. Hopefully a few other people will weigh in on the topic. :)
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