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Main web page - readability

Guys, when I hit the main web page, I see the info for IRC.  However, the main menu at the top of the page is much too light.  The casual surfer will hit this page and think that IRC log in is the only thing that it does.

I'd suggest boosting the white color text, or.... at least setting a different color than black for the menu banner.


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    What will likely happen, with the upcoming release  of Vecxis 1.0, is the IRC page will be moved to another section of the page (maybe called chat) and the main page will be for screen shots, a video, and a download link for the Mega version.

    I appreciate comments like this.  While we're at it, any other thoughts on the website? I told poor Shrooms I'd get him a wish-list/todo-list but never did. Let's get one started here! :D
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    Should throw up some screenshots or link to the youtube video for your new map or something. That way people visiting would be able to check it out at a glance and should help generate some interest.
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