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  • This will be made more intuitive as we roll out updates. If anyone else has any issues, please contact me!
  • Documentation went pretty quick.
  • CUdyin and I will properly document it shortly. Until then, I put together a short (read incomplete) page on the wiki available here. CU or I will add the full documentation when its complete.
  • Hey all, we're testing out a new fire mode on the Electro. Its available for testing on the Vecxis Prime DM Server. This third fire mode is mapped to the reload button. It will fire 3 plasma-balls backwards over your shoulder, thereby increasing the…
  • I'll start with the melee and close range weapons first. As for now, the crylink is the most-melee weapon in the game, it can do even more damage than either the nex or rocket at close range. It also has a quick refire time. In small and close-quart…
  • I'm on Linux, not Windown, so I don't have an antivirus. From what I remember Norton was a pain-in-the-behind. It seems this is a somewhat common problem with Norton finding false positives in Open Source software. My guess is Nortan thinks Vecxis …
  • Hi everyone, I've put together a new test version of Vecxis, Beta4.2. If there are no major complaints compared to Beta4, I'll have it be the main download version on the site. The new version can be found here:…
  • What will likely happen, with the upcoming release  of Vecxis 1.0, is the IRC page will be moved to another section of the page (maybe called chat) and the main page will be for screen shots, a video, and a download link for the Mega version. I app…
  • Actually the Hagar is alot better now, thanks to CUdyin's upgraded the random number regenerate. The crylink still does not feel right, as Nuparu will attest. I'd like to have proximity and remote mines at some point. Vecxis already has model for t…
  • There are a few maps that have received some *very* small cosmetic  improvements, over the Nexuiz versions. Small enough to have gone unnoticed so far. Having said that I'm open to the idea of special map versions for Vecxis. I think (read: subject…
  • I uploaded and have started work on converting your article to the wiki. I will upload the pictures and and add a few things soon. Thank you VERY much Nuff!
  • Sure put it, thought I mentioned that, sorry if I have been unclear. I felt I was not very clear, so I just wanted to make sure. :) I'll put it on the wiki later today! EDIT: Also I will shed some "light" on the _glow textures. ;)
  • By the way, what version of Blender are you using?
  • Shame on you and your puns!
  • Nuff, do you mind if I put this on the wiki?
  • How does this look?
  • The finished version will be brighter because I'm still shelling out the map, and having it properly lit would add a lot to the map compile times. I'll post a new video soon, probably tomorrow.
  • Looking good Nup!
  • While the tower is not finished, here are some updated screen shots.
  • Already done! It's just a little hard to tell from the screen shot, and the video needs to be updated.
  • camping platforms on the pillars. they are out in the open enough for a birdseye view so they can frag, but at the same time are left vulnerable to players that have coverage from the middle section.  What does this mean?
  • Nuff, you've done a very good job with the awful concept art I gave you. Nice work. I can probably provide you with some photo quality base textures if you want or need them, so just ask me want some. As for posting the wiki, I'd suggest posting it …
  • On a side note, we really should do something about the Hagar and HLAC.
  • Maybe I should replace the hagar with a second, more buffed, crylink... a "Super Crylink" if you will. Beta 5: Crylink = Death Star 2.0